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About Vishal

By experiencing first-hand a leap in his mental and physical space through a very unique type of hypnotherapy, a new calling was born in him. All his time and efforts were then focused on studying and practicing Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ekaa, India). As he continued to guide his clients he also traveled his own journey. Vishal went further to graduate as a Transpersonal Regression Therapist (Tasso Institute, Netherlands) and in 2018 made a new home in Summerville, South Carolina.

He continues to passionately evolve with his clients in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways.

Having being born and raised in Kenya, Vishal has always had a strong connection with nature, animals and the outdoors. Family is important to him and he considers his friends as his extended family. After receiving a bachelor's degree at one of the top Universities in the United Kingdom, Vishal began his career following his passion for Information Systems. His life was 'guided' into a new path by surviving a stroke, and then several years later yet another one.