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The Precision Results of Transpersonal Regression Therapy

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Dr. Hans TenDam, Founder of Tasso Institute discusses the wholesome and unique essence of Transpersonal Regression Therapy with Dr. Sonia Gupt

Listen to the Radio Interview (03/03/19)

What is transpersonal regression therapy? Transpersonal Regression Therapy means we go beyond the boundaries of the present personality. Besides past lives we believe there exist other elements, not coming from our own personality; like psychological experiences, telepathic experiences and mystic experiences. Sessions can lead to non – corporal experiences, experiences in the spirit world (life between lives). We also can do sessions for others, like a child or someone who is not able to follow this therapy.

We always combine regression sessions with an energetic working method. It’s possible you wear energy of others. This can be an emotion, certain behavior or a conviction of a family member. This can lead to psychological or mental complaints. By following Transpersonal Regression Therapy these complaints can be released. It’s also possible you lost something of your own energy. This can be recalled by this therapy.

From the Tasso Institute FAQs


Dr. Sonia Gupte


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