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I highly recommend therapy with Vishal. The integrated hypnotherapy was transforming after just one session. This therapy is a powerful and efficient healing tool that anyone can benefit from. I wish that I had found it sooner. I felt very comfortable with Vishal and trust him completely.
 I didn't think hypnotherapy was something that would work for me, but I found my session with Vishal to be mind-opening and has given me an introspective understanding of my own psyche and past traumas
Vishal Patel is an amazing hypnotherapist! He has so much compassion and knowledge. You can get some great breakthroughs that you might not get in traditional therapy. I would definitely recommend to others.
Patience, understanding, committed, and passionate...what more would you want from a therapist!
My experience with Vishal and the therapy we conducted helped me overcome two fears which occurred while working as a pilot out-station. The incidents included a traumatizing event and quitting my job. All the sessions conducted progressively showed signs of overcoming my fears and letting go of them step by step. Unconsciously it also helped me improve my relationship with my parents and friends, helping me open up to them and the good that has been there.
Having experienced childhood trauma from sexual abuse, there were certain abusive patterns that I could not break and it affected all my relationships on many levels; where I felt distant from my own family and had difficulty trusting and committing to any other relationship. My life is very different now. Vishal is a fantastic therapist who has also guided me while I addressed many of my fears, a skin allergy and a major traumatic event of my life. Not only is he very creative with the therapy, but he is also attentive and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend trying a session with Vishal and see the difference it can make.
When he worked on me, I knew I was in a very safe, gentle and professional space. He is a great therapist and heals from the heart. Vishal is also one of those people with whom you just connect in a great way. You are in a very safe and healing space with him.
He has helped me find my TRUE SELF - bubbly, happy and very content. As a therapist he is very calm, works at our pace and his intuition is amazing. Today I feel very content with life and I’m enjoying every aspect of it.
Thank you Vishal.
I was very pleasantly surprised at the improvements I started seeing in my life after my first session. I had never tried Hypnotherapy before and I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend Vishal to anyone who is looking to improve their life.
What an honor it has been for me to known Vishal for the last two and a half years. He is an amazing person and a remarkable regression therapist. 
He is non-judgmental, ever ready to help and truly extremely compassionate. He is excellent at everything he does and he does everything with great passion. Thank you Vishal for everything. 
Definitely the best way to resolve problems in finance, relationship and health ...through the journey of the mind. I have witnessed the therapists in action and the transformation was profound.
Vishal has been my therapist and every time I have had a session with him I came out with new insights and a big amount of healing. He is a systematic and gentle therapist and I highly recommend anyone to have a session with him.
I did a number of sessions with Vishal over the course of a year and found that he was one of the most exceptionally intuitive therapists. We worked through a number of issues, especially self-love and respect and also putting down boundaries. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Having suffered from chronic insomnia for a long time and with countless visits to different kinds of therapists, I was a bit skeptical when I heard about hypnotherapy. But nonetheless, in search of a cure, I decided to consult with Vishal. On my very first visit, I knew he was a therapist with a difference. I was warmly welcomed and made to feel at ease. This followed with Vishal taking ample time to explain to me what hypnotherapy is all about, what I should expect and of course answering all my queries and concerns. The sessions were equally amazing and by the third session, I was already feeling so much better. With a few more sessions, I was completely well. 
Vishal is an inspiring therapist. When I approached him I was lacking in self-confidence and was also letting my fears overrule me. Through his guidance, I was able to pass through that and move forward.