the use of mind, thought, intent,  body, and  energy in a unified symphony

a diverse range of established methods for accelerating change

the state of human consciousness involving focused attention

a professional process of  personal development and transformation





Hypnosis and Meditation

The same altered state of awareness except that:

1. You determine in advance what your goals are.

2. You enter the deep heightened state quickly and systematically every time.


3. You understand, take control and make lasting changes in your life.

If your brain is the hardware then think of your Mind as the software.

The Mind that we are aware of using, the Conscious part, is less than 5%.

It is what we use to feel, to analyze, to decide and to act on those decisions.

Our Subconscious is generally accepted to be at least 95% or more. 

Aside from maintaining the body processes, it stores our beliefs and learned behaviors or habits. It is what is making decisions on our behalf in every moment we are "not thinking about what we are thinking".

It shapes our internal and external experiences of life.

Right now just think of your stomach for a moment and how it physically feels. Is it warm or cold, tense or light, is there a specific sensation or are you just feeling its presence?

Isn’t it amazing that these feelings were hidden from your awareness and they only became known to you as you focused on them? 

In a very similar way, this therapy first allows us to focus. With the focus comes clarity. Then the necessary methods and techniques are employed to empower you to Transform your Subconscious Mind to your desired state

Very often I have observed that as a client evolves through these processes, not only do they transcend their issue, but the people, situations and environments around them change too.

(and get different results)

How effective is hypnotherapy?


38% recovery

after 600 sessions

Behavior therapy

72% recovery

after 22 sessions


93% recovery

after 6 sessions

* Comparative study courtesy of the American hypnosis clinic

Now imagine what you can achieve when we add Mindfulness and Energy-Work

"the infinite library of the universe is in our own Mind: All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the Mind."

Swami Vivekananda

A structured presentation to understand what the Mind is, how it influences us in positive and negative ways, and why it does so. Guaranteed to trigger many insights and leave you with ah-hah moments as you begin to see the logic of your life experiences.
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Transform and Flow, Mindful Integrated Therapy for Positive Change