Transform and Flow, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy for Positive Change


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In the same way that your Subconscious Mind makes you aware of the breath when it is needed, it allows you to become aware of a feeling when you already have the building blocks in order to 

Evolve through it


When you have the courage to take action, you invite yourself to 

Transform and your life will begin to

Flow into new and elevated experiences

What You Will Be Able To Do

& Fear

What's holding you back from your most abundant future?

Why are you not able to live the most blissful present?

Reclaim your faith and transform your life from surviving to thriving

Guilt &


Was is an action, thought or situation that you regret?

Do you find yourself in similar situations again and again?

Discover the learning that will bring you peace and set you free

& Anger

What did they do that you cannot let go off?

Is it also affecting your other relationships?

​Find liberation and allow a life worth cherishing to finally unfold

Trauma &

What part of yourself did you lose in that situation?

Do you feel that you were never the same after it?

Empower yourself with a hidden gem deep within your own true nature

Clarity & Inspiration

Do you feel that there is something more and need clarity on what it is and where to start?

Do you have a clear goal and need to unlock your inner inspiration and begin to take action?

Be motivated to realign your focus to what matters the most and manifest your most abundant life vision

How You Will Do It


your Past

Explore parts of your life

to make leaps toward new

wholesome and empowering spaces


your Present

Nurture your Inner

growth and expand on

your journey of Self-awareness


your Future

Discover your unique abundance;

Focus on manifesting your vision;

Clear self-sabotaging beliefs & energies


Since nobody can ever understand your life or experiences better than you, your journey to a new space will be unique. A diverse range of established systems and other personalized methods will be used as needed to give you the freedom to get where you want to be - an integrated system of mindfulness to expand your awareness, resolve your weaknesses, empower your strengths, align your energies and tune your consciousness toward the future you desire.

Why I Do What I Do

I Believe

that there is intelligence within each one of us and its aim is to guide us to evolve, to thrive.

In the same way that we cannot appreciate daylight without first experiencing the night, I've found that every negative we live in life has its equal and opposite positive waiting for us.

My Purpose

is to inspire others to realize that real lasting change, transformation, can manifest from our Minds. It gives me great joy and fulfillment to guide clients to flip their experiences into a force that empowers them to consciously create and manifest their dreams, to flow, just as I did.

The darkest nights will always have the brightest stars, we just need to focus.

Each month I work with a few clients at a reduced rate

If you know its time for a change and you cannot afford a session write me a message to tell me where you are in life and where you see yourself in the future (please mention your location)

Transform & Flow

Choose to evolve

Vishal Patel

CHt.  CRT.

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist

Transpersonal Regression Therapist

Summerville SC and Online