Having had two debilitating strokes by the time he was 35, he had a choice. He chose to evolve and live well. Now he is in a qualified position to help you do the same.

Vishal Patel CHt. CRT.

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist

Transpersonal Regression Therapist

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Do you feel true and lasting change is found

 in the chaos of day to day life 

or in a peaceful place within

The Ying and the Yang of Self Empowerment

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My Story

I grew up in Kenya with a strong connection with nature and the outdoors. Blessed to have a close and supportive family by my side I endured through a stoke at the young age of 28. At 35 another stroke turned my life upside down. I could not stay seated upright without support nor could I find the correct words for the simplest things like a spoon. Despite having access to a great rehab team, it seemed that there was always a limit to how much I could improve. It was almost like I was unknowingly mentally and even physically blocking myself.


Right from my first experience with Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, I was surprised that the feeling of intense relief I had experienced during the session stayed with me. Something in me had changed and so had my thoughts, feelings, and responses to life. This was the beginning of new hope, new beliefs, new motivations, new aspirations, and new success.


Now inspired, my journey to learn how to pass on this awareness began. As soon as I was able to I trained in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ekaa, India) and through further study and practice received my accreditation. I then went further to graduate as a Transpersonal Regression Therapist (Tasso Institute, Netherlands). Throughout my skills were tested again and again by both my clients and my own inner healing. Physical, mental or spiritual growth were our results. I now recognize that divine grace Flows through each one of us and it allows us the wisdom to Transform, we need only to have the courage to take action. 



Patience, understanding, committed, and passionate...what more would you want from a therapist!
I was very pleasantly surprised at the improvements I started seeing in my life after my first session. I had never tried Hypnotherapy before and I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend Vishal to anyone who is looking to improve their life.




Explore parts of your life to make leaps towards a new wholesome and empowering space



Clear self-sabotaging beliefs & energies and expand on your journey of Self-awareness



Nurture your Inner growth; Discover your unique abundance; Focus on manifesting your vision



Flow with ease

Will I be aware of what I’m saying?    Yes, I was aware of everything that I said during the session.


Will I be able to control what I share with Vishal?    Yes, I was in full control of what I shared with Vishal.


Will I be asleep?    No, I was not asleep. 


After the session, I felt more understanding of my close relationships, particularly regarding my parents. The session also gave me tremendous insight into my core beliefs and allowed me to re-examine ideas that haven’t been serving me.

  • What does the Subconscious Mind do

Novella West


When will I experience changes?

Transformation happens at 3 levels and brings you to

Awareness and Light (See Stage 4 below)


You will experience immediate changes in your emotions, perceptions, and motivations.


You will see incremental shifts and find it more natural to live your chosen behaviors.

Over time:

You will look back one day and realize that your life has changed in ways that you could not have perceived at the time.

The Stages of Awareness

The stages of awareness fall in the tetra-lemma of ignorance, awareness, light and dark. 

As an example, we can consider a man who goes drinking every night.

Our unconscious Mind will only bring to our awareness those things that we are ready to handle.

We will not get to Stage 2 unless our deeper self feels that we already have the life experiences and potential to begin to handle it at that time.

Credit: Ekaa

Stage 1

Ignorant and Dark

He has no idea and no thoughts about his wife and child waiting at home for him hoping that he would come and be with them.

Stage 2

Aware and Dark

He starts to realize that his family is waiting for him but at this stage, he has no idea what to do.

Stage 3

Ignorant and Light

He decides now that he must do something so he on tries one thing after another but nothing is working. 

Stage 4

Aware and Light

He now finds something that works for him for this particular issue and over time regains complete control over this part of his free will.

Stage 5


Here the thought of going to the bar does not occur to him in his day-to-day life and he has transcended the 'issue' - is in the past.


Transform and Flow into Positive Change Awareness

Transform & Flow

Choose to evolve